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Private & Small Group Yoga

Private & Small Group Yoga

Designed specifically for you and your goals: whether it be for: relaxation, building strength & functional mobility, injury rehabilitation, depression & anxiety, grief & loss, or anything else you may need. Bec will blend together a variety of styles of yoga to best suit your needs.

Bespoke Yoga Sessions

Are you visiting the island? Or looking for a healthier alternative to celebrate your birthday? Bespoke Yoga Sessions are held in a location of your choice: whether it be on your property, at the beach, overlooking the water from our parks, or anywhere else you'd like

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga throughout pregnancy will help you release physical tension and discomfort, and alleviate the stress and anxiety that so often accompany pregnancy.  

Yoga Postures during your pregnancy can help strengthen your uterus & pelvic muscles, aid digestion, relieve fatigue & tension, and alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy. Your sessions will be designed specifically to your needs.

Breath-work (pranayama) helps increase circulation in both mother & baby, and can calm nerves, reduce stress & anxiety. Pranayama and Guided Relaxation will be integrated into all of your sessions, helping you to find a sense of deep relaxation and peace.